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“Hedwig And the Angry Inch” finally comes to Masan.Performance

he musical will be performed in Masan MBC Hall from May 1 to 2. In the musical, ‘Hansel’ is described as an ordinary boy who lives with his mother and obsessed with the radio programs provided by the US army. He is crazy about the music performed by such musicians as ‘David Bowie,’ ‘Lou Reed,’ and ‘Iggy Pop.’ The only pleasure which he feels in the small apartment is listening to the American rock music while hiding in the oven from his mother. One day, he is given an opportunity for going to USA. An American soldier proposes him for marriage under the condition that he becomes ‘awoman.’

Therefore he decides to take the sex change operation. However, because of the failure of the cheap operation, he only gets one inch of flesh instead of the breasts of a woman.

After a few years, ‘Hedwig’ who lives in a trailer in Kansas, puts on the wig of ‘Farrah Fawcett’ who starred in ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and forms a rock band named as ‘the Angry Inch.’ Then, she travels around the suburban area and sings for living.

Oneday, she meets a 16 year? Old boy named as ‘Tommy’ and falls in love with him. However, ‘Tommy’ betrays her and steals all the musical pieces written by her to become a world star. After becoming a great star with a platinum record for more than one million albums, ‘Tommy’ holds a nationwide concert. ‘Hedwig’ follows ‘Tommy’ and performs in a restaurant located next to the concert hall where ‘Tommy’ performs. In the end, she becomes successful as a rock singer. However, after she becomes famous, she realizes that is not what she wants. She realizes that what she wants is not ‘Tommy’ but her half lying within her.

Kang In-Jung  Cutejung88@changwon.ac.kr

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