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A welcome murdererMovie
When it was a rainy day, women were killed. Not only the detective but also the idle catch the murderer in this village. A serial killer was still at large in this village. In this situation, Jung-Min(Kim Dong-Uk) just became a detective. He felt the sorrow because the detective squad chief turned against him. So he secretly prepare for a civil service exam. After occurring a case of murder, citizens fell into confusion.

The citizens make a strong protest asking for catching the criminal. They also requested indemnifying a person for a loss in housing prices which had been declining. Jung-Min has to catch the real criminal to disentangle the chaos. He decides to catch the murderer at any cost to maintain his self-respect as a detective and son. However, his giant plan struck a snag because of the idle, Young-Suk(U Oh-Sung).

He who was missing and then reappeared is a strange man by anyone's standards. But he always appeared as the first at the very spot where the accident took place. He brings up the image of the Sherlock Holmes. In addition, he always finds Jung-Min's brutality with everything. So he is just an annoyance to Jung-Min.

What do you think his story is? Young-Suk is solving the murder mystery with scientific reasoning. He inferred so well that even CSI would have been put to shame. But Jung-Min also doesn't want to miss the reversal of fortune. Both Jung-Min and Young-Suk never want to miss this chance. A stifling chase is going to start now.

Especaillly, U Oh-Sung's appearance in the comedy film, which will be released on April 8, comes 11 years. He would gladly do in female attire. He said " I don't feel shy to dress up as a woman, but I am just concerned about your feeling about my female attire."

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