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Wht the prostitution of celebrities don't get solved
  • Kim Tae-mi, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2016.05.18 13:41
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this is the article about prostitution of a celebrity

The picture above is recent article about a celebrity receiving suspicion of prostitution. Nowadays there are a lot of articles about prostitution of celebrity. Celebrity prostitution is an act of selling sex through broker to earn money and popularity. Celebrity prostitution has been a huge problem for a long time in entertainment industry. So why do the prostitution of celebrities cannot be solved?

One reason is the public eye. Articles coming up in social media or on the internet about celebrity prostitution have mainly focused on what did celebrities have received. The public also take notice on those kinds of articles. However, the problem of sponsor is not a social problem that can be solved by the elimination of piecemeal questions.

Conversion of misconceptions of some celebrities, entertainment industry professionals, and artist buyers, solving structural problems of the system and laws for the entire entertainment agency can be followed to improve the problem of entertainment prostitution. And media should have to eradicate matter of sponsor through accurate report to dig the fact and substance than the one-off impact report for attracting attention.

Kim Tae-mi, cub-reporter  taemi1008@daum.net

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