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The 'Harmony' rocked the audience in the aislesMovie
The movie 'Harmony' has become popular due to the participation of such notable stars as Yun-jin Kim and Mun-hee Na.
Yun-jin Kim often portrays an image of a strong female warrior in such movies as 'Swiri' and 'Seven Days'
and in the famous American TV series of 'Lost.' However, in this new movie, she was trying to portray a new image of a bright and cheerful tone-deaf person.

Also, there were many actors who acted and sang at the same time in the movie.
Jeong-hye was the mother with a strong maternal instinct, who had to put her son up for adoption 18 months after being born.
Hwa-ja used to be a professor at a music college, but she was sentenced to death.
While in prison she was put in charge of conducting a prison choir since she was a mother serving her sentence.

It could be said that she was a woman with the feeling of teuroteu. Yeon-sil used to be a professional wrestler. She dreams of romantic love.
Yu-mi avoids communicating with the world. Na-young was the new prison guard who was very affectionate and emotional.
While trying to form the choir, these characters became a family and tried to put on a performance on stage for their loved ones,
providing the audience with deep impressions and tears. With a hard structure, the movie provided the audience with not only a positive impression,

but also with a fun and pleasant story. Such a story about life in prison can be repulsive to some people.
However, after seeing this movie, they will also feel that those people living in the prison are not different from others.
The movie will make people feel the importance and the love of friends, family, and loved ones.

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