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What kinds of marriage do you want?
  • Choi Hyeon-kyeong
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A pair of lovers swears love, getting married in different ways and looks. Why don’t you find out it?

First, look at us! Although we have traditional wedding clothes, Hanbok, many Koreans prefer a western style wedding these days. So, we can also see brides wearing white wedding dresses and a grooms wearing tuxedos at weddings. Though it is a western style wedding, parents of the bride and groom and relatives attending the wedding, are still wearing Hanboks. Also, they pay congratulatory money for the couple.

In Germany, the wedding progresses over 3 “segments.” They have a party before the wedding and guests break a dish to bring the couple’s good luck in front of their house. It is called ‘Polterabend’. On the day of the wedding, they get married at a marriage registry. If they have a religion, then they hold a wedding again on the following day. Most of all, the funniest German wedding culture is a ‘kidnapping of the bride’, which occurs at a wedding dinner. The guests hide the bride in a bar. The groom finds his bride quickly not only because he misses his wife but he also has to pay for the abductors’ drinks until the bride is found.

Weddings in Russia is a form of western style wedding, not having traditional clothes like Korea. They hold a wedding at a square or catholic church and see the important sights of the city with friends after the wedding. This originated as an old Russian custom because the couple goes around the village church and surroundings after holding it in the past. Also, there was a custom that the groom pays a ransom for the bride when he goes to her home. In other cases, the groom gives false coins to the bride’s family and the family presents a false bride to the groom, until the full ransom is paid.

If there is a country that a bride is happy, then it must be China. The groom bears most of the wedding expenses including a house. The groom may have a house or car, varying in different localities. They register the marriage before the wedding, if not it’s illegal. Chinese also pay congratulatory money and envelope’s color should be ‘red’ because white is seen as bad manners. Korean use the expression ‘eat noodles’ to mean ‘get married’, but the Chinese express it ‘eat candy’.

In Pakistan, a wedding means each family’s social position. Pakistanis often give everything they have or go into debt to have a fancy wedding. Also, a groom should scatter a bundle of paper money when he moves on the day of the wedding. So crowds gather around him to take the money. In addition, you can see a notes garland unlike the Korean flower garland.

Each country has different customs to celebrate marriage. However, we can know similarities in neighboring countries. People celebrate it in special ways because it is a wedding with a lover once in a lifetime. It will be the same that everyone wishes for a couple’s happiness.

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