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'That was love' & 'The holiday'
an Bi-Ya ranks among the greatest writers. By inviting the readers to the private place of home, it is possible to have a cup of tea with them and share the trouble with others. It is possible to observe myself on the site.
In the first chapter, ‘I like you.’ there is a message for people to love themselves and have courage to look for happiness in the depressed and dark situation.
In the second chapter, ‘The moment I find my wings,’ there are the stories that reflect the agony of Biya Han who always seems to be covered with passions and energies.
In the third chapter, ‘The way to avoid losing the goal,’ the passions of Biya Han who continuously tries to learn more and develop herself are shown.
In the fourth chapter, ‘All of us are getting the same morning,’ there are ways of knowing more about the people who need our help and helping them. The book was not only interesting but also instructive.
The season wheeled around and it was Christmas again. Winter is coming, and the nation is now feeling the winter blues with people reaching for their heavy woollies.
The holiday matched a winter atmosphere. Provide a backdrop for the story of their love.
Amanda is the president of the L.A film-production company. She’s intelligent and, what is more, very beautiful. But she was dumped by her boy friend.
Iris is writing a series of articles on wedding column. She was startled to hear of a boy friend engagement news. They meet online at a home exchange website and impulsively switch homes for the holiday.
Amanda meets Iris’ brother and book editor Graham and they fall in love for each other. Iris meets Miles a film composer. Love blossomed between the two. The holiday, which is a warm-hearted movie about the love story.

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