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World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles
The new SF blockbuster, ‘World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles’ will be released on March 10th. We are anticipating this movie, which depicts an alien invasion of the earth, and the U.S. Marine Corps’s effort to resist it.

An extraordinary investment of one billion dollars was made for this production, and the best Hollywood craftsmen perfected the computer graphics to heighten the sense of reality of the images. The director of this movie was Jonathan Liebesman, the writer was Christopher Bertolini, and the cast includes Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, and Bridget Moynahan. Most of the cast perform very well, and the look and actions of the actual Marine Corps are reproduced well. All cities have fallen to the enemy and the Marines struggle to rescue survivors in LA. This blockbuster movie invokes a spirit of self-sacrifice from the Marines, who lay down their lives for the sake of the country in an urgent situation. ‘World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles’ derives its scenario from an actual incident in 1942. The ‘LA UFO air-raid incident’ signaled, for some people, the inevitable cataclysm of mankind in an alien attack. In LA on the night of February 24th/25th, 1942, the American military fired repeatedly at an object supposedly hovering in the sky. This incident occurred only three months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and the American people were very nervous about further Japanese attacks. When they heard the air-raid sirens in LA that night, many people expected to see Japanese fighter planes, but instead, many of them said they saw a large UFO. Nevertheless, the United States government insisted that it had been shooting at nothing, as a result of a false alarm, an error with the air-raid siren system. Some UFO researchers say that the military was truly firing at a UFO, and the story has continued to be mysterious to this day. This connection to a real event is designed to give a sense of plausibility to the movie’s story. A lot of people have seen only the preview of this movie, but say that they are anticipating its release. Meanwhile, some people criticize it as an imitation of similar movies from the past. I recommend this movie to people thinking about a high quality SF movie, people who like blockbuster movies, and people who enjoy spectacular images. However, I don’t recommend it to those who hate unrealistic stories, long running times, and noisy movies.

Have you seen the preview for this movie? If you haven’t, hurry up!

by Kim sung-min, Reporter

Kim Sung-min  -

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