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Korean People’s OutcryA Re-enactment of the 3.1 Independence Movement
The attendee of the re-enactment of the 3.1 independence movement are re-enacting.

The Korean history has crossed over a river of tumultuous times before relatively achieving peace. In March 1919, Korean people cried for independence while holding Korean flags close to their bosoms under the oppression of Japanese colonialists. At that time, what gave them the courage and strength to do so? The national uprising seems so long ago. Now, we are living freely in our fatherland, and there are still some people who make effort to keep our people’s spirit of overcoming national crises alive. Let’s visit the moving scene echoed in Pusan on March 1st, 2011.

The reason why Gupo market place commemorates 3.1 movement!
Gupo market is the best known outdoor market nationwide. It is so huge that traffic is always congested on the 3rd and 8th day of the month. It is also considered a historical site. On the opening day of Gupo market on March 1st, 1919, exactly 92 years ago, a group of about 1,200 people composed of farmers, merchants, laborers, and the youth gathered in the market to show their resistance against the Japanese rule. This movement came to be known as “The Patriotic Deed at Gupo Market”. This movement was quite different from other resistance movements at that time because it was led mainly by the youth and ordinary people of Gupo region, not by students, men of religion, or Confucian scholars. The movement was also characterized as quite resistant. Many people died and many others were imprisoned. The nationwide 3.1 Movement stimulated the Korean struggle against the Japanese oppression and let the whole world know about our people’s strong desire for independence. Our people remember the historical significance of this incident in Gupo market even until now.

Re-enactment of the 3.1 Independence Movement at Gupo Market
This year, the 13th “3.1 Independence Movement Re-enactment” event at the Gupo market will be held at the 3.1 Movement memorial monument, Garam junior high school, and Gupo station plaza. A huge crowd of about more than five thousand people are expected to participate in it. This event is jointly hosted by Bukgu district office and Pusan’s Office of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, and sponsored by Nakdong Culture Center. The celebrations and events will kick off with a commemoration ceremony at the memorial monument at 11 a.m., Saturday, March 19th. Then, various performances such as opening ceremony, protest march, re-enactment plays, and patriotic martyr anniversary (Gamdongjin byeongsingut) will follow. The re-enactment performances include the police substation attack, salpuri (an exorcism), and others.

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