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The movie 'Robin Hood' changes the history of Hollywood!

Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe who work together in worldwide box-office hit in 200 and a winner in 5 divisions of Academy Film 'Gladiator' once again met in another epic action film. 'Gladiator' in which vengeance and love, loyalty of a man seized in cruel fate was depicted with huge spectacle has been regarded as one of the epic action films for the last 10 years for the absolute charisma of Russell Crowe and overwhelming direction of director Ridley Scott. To change the history of an action films, they meet up again in 'Robin Hood'.

The movie 'Robin Hood' with a background of the 13th century British depicts a story of an ordinary man who was a common archer and later became a rebel against the corrupt royal authority and a hero of the world. Many movies and dramas dealing with Robin Hood so far have shown only a noble Robin Hood stealing the noble's wealth and giving it to the poor, the movie 'Robin Hood' is focusing on the initiation of Robin Hood, which makes the film different from the other films. 'Robin Hood' by Ridley Scott shows us Robin Hood who saves England under the threat from France and the reign of impotent King more newly and intensely.

In the 13th England, Robin Hood born to a common family but with excellent bow skill has royal confidence in the battle against France at mercenary of Richard King. But Richard King dies in the battle. Following the death of Richard King, King John is aggravating England with his won violence and greed. British people are suffering from poverty and tyranny, and all freedom is gone. Robin Hood returned to his hometown after the war. Then he comesto know the terrible situation in which his father's death for freedom is a challenge to the throne and he's been executed. Then, Robin Hood and his men confront the corrupt King John.

Robin Hood from a loyal soldier of the king to a rebal against the king is a hero. In May 2010, a huge spectacle can change the world!

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