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Family Musical, The Moon of a Princess

The family musical, The Moon of a Princess, will be performed in a small theater of Changwon Seongsan art hall from May 29 to 30. This musical is under the name of "DuBu Planning". The planning intention is to make the traveling at children's stories a theme, and to create a stage on which the audience can participate.

The moon of princess shows the wisdom of a king who thinks about a princess in the light of a daddy, not the wisdom of a princess. The Moon of a Princess, a beautiful children's story, is love and a gift. The story begin by a dance and performance of the storyteller fairies who are willing to visit wherever a story is needed and sing and dance. The Moon of a Princess has the story in which the king who dearly loves his daughter, the grand chamberlain who has a lot of experience, the scientist who has a lot of knowledge, the wizard whose ability is excellent, and the clown who is a friend of a princess try separately to bring the moon that the princess wants to have in order to heal a disease of the princess. However an experiences, knowledge, and abilities of the sercants cannot bring the moon and the moon that servant each one thinks about cannot be the same. Everytime they think of their own moon, the number of the moon increases by one at a time so that there are many moons in the night sky.

This musical is open for everybody to watch, and the audience itself becomes a main character of this musical play. Resercation purchase is possible at www.idubu.com. Directed by toon Whi-Gyoon, Music by Back Seung-Sook, and Stage by Jung Gab-Hee. Lee Jung-Wook, Jung Jae-Mi, Choi Sin-Hye, and Kim Dae-Jong play roles in a musical.

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