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Musical Sound of Music with a Familiar MelodyPerformance

The musical 'Sound of Music' will be performed between May 16th (Sunday) and 18th(Tuesday), 2010 at Gimhae Culture and Art Center. The musical Sound of Music was first played at Broadway in November,1959, and it was highly successful. It had been performed 1143 times between 1959 and 1963 and won seven Tony awards. Also, the original records won Gold Record and Grammy Award. It went out into the London and was played at Palace Theater for six years. In addition, it went into the Canada, Japan, China, Holland, Sweden and Korea, growing into a global musical all over the world.

The musical 'Sound of Music' has a plot of a love story in which a novice Maria falls in love with Von Trapp. Von Trapp is a colonel living in Salzburg in Austria. He has seven children and he lost his wife. He treats his children curtly and severely in a military way. Maria is very cheerful and she likes to sing a song. One day a novice Maria becomes a tutor in Von Trapp family.

On the first day that she becomes a tutor, she has an insult from children but she tries to be at last close to children. She teaches beautiful songs and makes them feel nature and they recover a cheerful personality. Trapp decides to get married with baroness but he feels love for Maria and finally decides to get married with Maria. As soon as they come back from honeymoon, World War ll begins. Trapp is ordered to enter the war. However, he stands out of a war and rather he tries to escape with family. However, they are discovered by the Germans and give an evasive answer: they answer they are going to go to the concert. Finally, they play in a concert. In the concert Maria and children sing a song Maria has taught and Trapp sings "Edelweiss.” When the results are announced, they sneak out. They went over a mountain the Alps and dramatically escaped.

The Musical 'Sound of Music' is based on a true story. It shows an Austrian situation during the World War ll. It deals with humanity, beautiful natural and pure songs, freedom and world peace. Also this message gives rest and comfort. Also, the songs in the musical, 'Edelweiss', 'Do Re Mi', and 'My Favorite things', are well-known enough to us. This musical is worth seeing with family.

Kim Do-Yeon  titi9273@changwon.ac.kr

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