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Psychology Test
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A. You were the hero/heroine of a very happy love. You had an unhappy childhood. But your love began to shine after you met spouse. Through that love, you got everything including wealth, honor, and happiness, and since you enjoyed the kind of love envied by everyone, you must do good deeds for your happy past life.

B. You gave up everything for the one person you loved. You threw yourself away for that person, but he/she only me you for fun. In your present life, try to cool your head so you don? have to repeat that heart-breaking love. And instead of blindly giving your love, try to be more patient and wait for someone who will love you.

C. You were a player in your past life. But because you had so many lovers, you knew many people and had a broader view of looking at the world. Even now, you will never get into a relationship that would make you give up anything. So unless someone really charismatic shows up, it won't be easy for you to get married.

D. You were the hero/heroine of a very dangerous love affair such as illicit love. You were very liberal-minded, so you didn't like following social norms. If you don't want to repeat the same mistakes, your need to grow up mentally. Also, being considerate of your lover will add to your current romantic fortune.

E. Your love was fateful, just like "Romeo and Juliet" Since you had a certain illusion about love, you always chose love filled with hardships. Even now, you get easily bored with your lover as soon as your relationship becomes secure. To succeed in love, you have to try to look for a new side of him/her every time you meet them.

F. Your love was obtained by the help and consideration of the people around you. Your love was not passionate, but everlasting. This kind of love may look boring and ordinary, but in some ways it can be the ideal type of love. Since you had such a love in your past life, you's better get married through match-making.

G. You were both a sadistic and masochistic person. And because of your sadistic side, you would enjoy watching your lover suffer. But inside you are as innocent as a child. So you need to meet someone who's really understanding so you could feel more secure and enjoy a normal kind of love.

H. You were too shy and afraid of getting hurt so your love was an overly careful kind of love. That's why you lost the people you loved to others or got dumped by your lover in your past life. So now, try not to miss out on romantic opportunities and act more boldly towards the person you love.

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