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3D Blockbuster Film, The Clash of The Titans 2010Movie

The Clash of the Titans, was released in Korea on April 14. In the United States, this film, released on March 26, is the first to start off the 2010 blockbuster season. In addition, it was given a under 12 rating by Korean censorship authorities.

Basically, the film deals with the conflict beween Greek gods and humans, with a hero who is demgod appearing as a savior of humans. Humans decided not to serve God any more. Angry about this decision, Zeus (Liam Neeson) intends to teach horror to humans. Hades (Ralph Fiennes), who is a God of the underworld, is going to follow Zeus by making the sea monster Kraken attack humans. On the other hand, Perseus (Sam Worthington) born between Zeus and a human is revered as the only warrior who can break this impasse just for his being called a son of God. Since he lost an earthly family by the wrath of God, he determines to avenge gods, and sets off a dangerous adventure.

Perseus myth is the archetypal myth of a great number of hero stories. Perseus born by abundant sexual drives of Zeus is not regarded as a god but a human, and as soon as he was born he was thrown away to the sea. However, he becomes a hero after overcoming a number of obstacles and saving a princess. Even though many episodes of the original form disappeared, the film which is the first to start off the 2010 blockbuster season lives up to the public expectation caused by its being a bluckbuster.

After briefly presenting a background of gods, the film starts its action of an adventure. Duels with the monsters which are shown step by step give the audience much pleasure experienced only in a blockbuster. However, it is a pity that 3D conversion improvised by influences of the film Avatar makes the film lose these merits.

It is strongly recommended that you watch it in 2D version if you really want to enjoy it. The 3D version The Clash of the Titans seems to be remembered as the movie of variation 3D movie with another 3D version, Alice in Wonderland.

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