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Females! Spend Menopause like Festival With MenopausePerformance

This musical will be performed May in Changwon Sungsan art hall from May 15 to 16. Hye Eun, Lee Young-Ja, Hong Ji-Min, Kim Suk, Lee Yoon-Phye, Kim Hyun-Jin, Choi Hyuck-Ju and Gu Hye-Ryeng appear in a musical.

Business woman, himemaker, ibsolete soap opera actress and well-being housewife met by chance in department store underwear sale corner. And they are bicker with one brassiere then they are start bring up their worry. There was common worry that anybody don't heal inclurable illness 'menopause'.

They have a talk about failure of her memory, signs of fever, blush, night sweating, plastic surgery, hormine and sexual desire decline or sexual desire increase and so on,
then they realized that they will serve as a momentum new life, not lose female sex, if they experience menopause. Then they sing cheerfully.

'Menopause' means pulmonary system or menopause. Old trout of forties ~ fifties have worry which cannot talk to anybody, menopause. Menopause the musical comically solves this situation. While worries that cannot talk to anybody were hacked up on stage, many audiences will feel catharsis. While see Menopause the musical, many audiences slapped their knee and laugh, choked up when they feel deeply moved in hers storys.

Then audiences deeply sympathize to hers on the stage. So after the concert, experienced YMCA melody is start at curtain call time and, actresses motion audiences to dancing together then audiencs who was sitting auditorium have jump in the stage. And they are dancing with actresses and enjoy their born again. The fellowship and hope about new life were most powerful energy that present to audience.

Choi Duck-Yoon  Duckyoon1004@changwon.ac.kr

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