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Go to the innovated world with DDP

Last week, I went to Seoul by myself to travel. I experienced the bitterness of unrequited love. That is quite a complex undertaking. So, I left to collect my thoughts. I saw a lot of young lovers and I felt lonely and sorrowful. But when I arrived at the DDP, all the trouble in my mind disappeared. The DDP gave me a refreshing jolt, I felt that Korea achieved a remarkable development. Literally, Korea’s global position has been rising, and a lot of foreigners have visited Korea. In this situation, the DDP stands out as an attractive and enormous building, and it’s expected that they upgrade it in future.

The Dongdaemun Design Plaza, also called the DDP, it is indeed a place where we can Dream, Do, and Play. The DDP, building looks like a UFO and has been designed as a cultural hub at the center of Dongdaemun and DDP is a place for people of all ages. In addition, the DDP plays the role of a catalyst for the instigation and exchange of ideas and for new technologies and media to be explored. Renowned architect Zaha Hadid designed the DDP, a multi-purpose space for fashion and design. Thus, the DDP will be one of the Korea’s new iconic buildings. She has been criticized for her building and some have said that it was all a bit much, but she replied with a quizzical, “what is a too much?” and she broke the mold for DDP. Until now, Korean architects have only been allowed to use only lines and face when building because it is important to use spaces effectively as a developing country but it is difficult to do this in a creative way. Therefore, a space for arousing creative thinking is needed. She embodied this space very well.

The variety of public spaces within the DDP include an Art Hall, an Exhibition Hall, a Conference Hall, a Design Museum, Design Labs & an Academy Hall, Seminar Rooms and a Designer’s Lounge. The Design Market opens 24 hours a day. Above all, Design Market has stuck in my mind, it was the most interesting of all the spaces. The innovative designs which are sales in the Design Market also make people open their minds. There are many things using junk to make art and goods, like cushions made from used clothes and flower pots created by military boots and light bulbs. The designs are so inventive that people have never seen them before. Also I saw the Exhibition hall, the exhibition shows lots of different kinds of car designs. This exhibition entitled “Science, Human, Fashion, and wins.” This exhibition has a car showroom, and innovative automobiles and a lot of are on display. Entering the Exhibition hall, felt that I was visiting a Motor show. I thought it was good to look at displays that were very impressive.

DDP can also play a role to arouse sensibilities for people who have hardened heart. Not only children but also adults are amazed and enjoying seeing this innovative designs. Stimulations from innovative designs make an opportunity for people to have an emotional experience. By experiencing the dynamic and diversified spaces and exhibitions like these in the DDP, people can grow themselves and broaden their perspective. As a result, the DDP is worth a visit.

Kim Jun-hyeok  -

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