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The season of Pot Bing Soo is Coming

Nowadays the weather is hot so people feel like eating or drinking a cold drink. Most of all, pot bing soo is the most popular food in hot weather. Pot bing soo changes each season and many stores which are not café sell pot bing soo because it’s popular. There are cafes and stores surrounding school which sell pot bing soo with various toppings. They can make summer cooler than winter.

1. Sulbing – Injeolmi sulbing

Subling is a Korean dessert café that is becoming popular because it sells traditional pot bing soo. The sulbing menu has an injeolmi sulbing, a cheese sulbing, a coffee sulbing, a black sesame sulbing, berry yogurt sulbing and milk red bean sulbing. Sulbing uses iced milk instead of ice. It makes the bing soo have a softer taste. The most popular menu of Sulbing is Injeolmi bing soo. Small pieces of injeolmi and powdered soybean are on iced milk. The injeolmi and iced milk is piled one over another. Condensed milk in a small bowl comes together with bing soo which makes it taste good. Injeolmi sulbing is 6000 won.

2. Yogurt Presso – Cheese Yogurt bing soo

A cheese yogurt bing soo is the most popular new summer menu of Yogurt Presso at the bottom of the cheese yogurt bing soo is strawberry jam, the middle of it is bing soo and yogurt ice cream and the top of it is cheese cake pieces. The harmony of soft and sweet cheese cake, plain yogurt ice cream and strawberry jam makes the bing soo good without any syrup. It is 9000 won.

3. Booltaneun Toast

As many of you know, ‘Booltaneun Toast’ is not a café. However, when summer is coming, the bing soo becomes one of the popular menu choices of the store. There is no name of the bing soo. The bing soo are differentiated by size, small or big and the ingredients are diverse. Strawberry ice cream, cereals, condensed milk, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, red beans and canned fruits are the ingredients. The bing soo is different from other chain stores in that not only ingredients but also price. A small size one is 3000 won and a big size one is 5000 won.

4. Café bene – Caramel pop bing soo

Caffé bene is famous for its unique menu all year round. The new kinds of Pot bing soo this summer season are a caramel pop, a New York cheese cake and Samba kiwi bing soo. One of new and best choices is caramel pop bing soo. A caramel pop bing soo is made up of caramel popcorn, nuts, caramel syrup, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and red beans. On the top of the bing soo, there is a piece of caramel popcorn in a cup-shaped chocolate. The bing soo is really sweet because all the ingredients are sweet. by Jeong nan yi, cub reporter

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