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Some of the World’s Biggest Festivals
Brazil Rio Carnival Samba
In Rio do Janeiro, Brazil, the world’s largest festival is held for four days from February to March every year. Brazil is located in the southern hemisphere. If it is winter here, it is summer in Brazil. It started as a small percussion march for slaves from Portugal, but evolved into a major event.

Munich Beer Festival, Oktoberfest
It is one of the world’s top 3 festivals now in its 175th year. The history is actually short compared to other festivals in Germany. In the beautiful city of Munich, the two-week event is held from September to October every year. Six million people visit the festival annually. It is known as the Munich Beer Festival and, since it opens in October, “Oktoberfest”.

Sapporo Snow Festival
This is one of the world’s largest festivals. It started when junior and senior high school students in Sapporo exhibited ice sculptures in 1950. Ice sculptures 15 m in height and various art works made of snow are exhibited over 1.5 km.
The United Kingdom Notting Hill Festival
This began as a carnival that tried to be something meaningful during the bank holiday. This festival originally displayed the unity of immigrants from the Caribbean, but evolved into a festival for all races. It is Europe’s largest street festival, spanning 4.2 km.

Carnival in Venice, Italy
This is Italy’s largest festival. One can see masks and various fashions. The best part of this festival is that you can enjoy the festival hidden behind a mask, able to engage in bizarre behavior. Theatrical performances take place here and there.

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