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Various Desserts around the World
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After having a meal, you may find you naturally want to eat something light. This is called a 'dessert'. Let's look at four different kinds of desserts around the world.
Creme Brulee is a typical French dessert. It consists of a rich custard base topped with a layer of hard caramel. Creme Brulee is created by caramelizing sugar under a broiler, with one other intense heat source, or by pouring cooked caramel on top of the custard. Local Creme Brulee is extremely sweet. If you like extremely sweet foods, it's great to try 'real' local Creme Brulee when you visit France.
After having a meal, Italians like to eat a piece of cheese, cake and fruits. Tiramisu is the name of the cake that Italians love to eat. Tiramisu is an Italian word which means 'feel good'. Because of its high calories that can help supply for a lack of nutrients and the stimulant action by coffee, you actually feel good. Tiramisu has been popular in America and other European countries since the 1980s.
In England, a typical dessert is pudding. Basic pudding congeals from whisking milk, sugar, and eggs together over heat. Today, we can find some basic puddings easily in Korean bakeries and super markets. Special versions can include bread crumbs, fruits and flour. Here are three kinds:
1. Bread pudding is usually made from stale bread or bread crumbs, milk, sugar, and some spices like cinnamon or vanilla. It is said to have originated in England, but many countries have their own versions.

2. Christmas pudding is a rich dish composed of many dried fruits and is held together by egg and suet (animal fat). Then, it is flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and other spices. The pudding is aged for a month, or even up to a year in advance.

3. Yorkshire-Pudding is slightly salty, and is actually not a dessert. English people usually eat this with roasted beef.
There isn't any special culture of dessert in Korea, because Koreans don't have meals that involve fixed courses. But after certain meals, Korean restaurants serve shik-kye, asweet rice drink. Also, Dagwasang is a traditional dessert when a guest visits a house and when they feel slightly hungry. It consists of Gang-jung, Yak-gwa, and Dasik. First, Gang-jung is a snack of a roasted mix that consists of peanuts, rice, and barley. It is sweet and tastes good when chewed continuously. Next, Yak-gwa is a fried snack, a mixed mass that consists of flour, oil and honey. Dasik consists of pulverized sesame and beans, and sometimes rice flour. The mix is kneaded with honey, sweet drink and various pulverized powders (e.g., mung bean, black sesame). After making the dough, it is pressed into various molds shaped like flowers, birds or Chinese characters.

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