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How to Save Money and Live Thriftily
Most university students have some financial difficulties. They often run out of spending money by the end of the month, so they borrow money from others to get by. Some look for part time jobs. There are many expenses. Students buy necessary articles, pay bus fares, drink with friends and go on dates. These situations are unavoidable, so her are some financial tips.
1. Plan expenses
People regret impulsive buying, especially women. It is called the “Advent of Ji-Reum-Sin” in Korea. It means the god who controls peoples’ impulses makes people buy something. Planning expenses can help reduce impulse buying. It is effective to write an expense plan at the beginning of the month.
2. Shop with other people
People spend more wisely when they are with other people. It helps avoid impulse buying. They are given comments and tips from other people, and they can compare prices. So why not go shopping with friends? You’ll buy less and enjoy your time shopping.
3. Stop going to cafés
Students enjoy going to cafes after meals or during their free time. But it wastes money because coffee is expensive. A monthly coffee bill for someone who buys an Americano everyday (2,500 won at the CWNU library café) is 75,000 won. It is advised to buy a tumbler and teabag in order to reduce coffee expenditures. It is a simple tip, so try it.
4. Use a piggy bank
“Many drops make a shower,” as the proverb says. Use a piggy bank to collect change. Coins are often in our pockets and it is usually bothersome. So use a piggy bank and exchange them at the bank.
5.Make full use of social commerce
Social commerce sites such as Ticket monster and Coupang offer products at reduced prices. If you plan to buy something, search through these sites for cheaper prices. They also provide discount coupons for restaurants, markets, and various other places.
These are some tips to save money and live thriftily. And these simple habits can be a great way to save. So why not try them?

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