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Never Give Out Personal Information
What should you do if someone asks you for personal information? Protecting one’s personal information is very important. You may have heard about personal information leakage at least once on the news. Be careful when you give out your personal information. Otherwise, your information in the wrong hands can easily be abused. Here, I will offer some reasons for protecting personal information. In addition, I will introduce examples of personal information and helpful applications.
Example of Personal Information Leakage.
Twice, in February and April 2008, the confidential personal information of 10.8 million users of an online auction site was leaked due to hacking. So, the auction site members had to bear the brunt of personal information leakage. Afterward, this incident awakened people to the problem of personal information leakage. Nonetheless, a few months later in September 2008, the personal information of 12 million users of GS Caltex Corporation was leaked. This sent shockwaves throughout Korea. In July 2011, the personal information of 35 million users of Nate, South Korea's largest web community site, was leaked due to hacking by a Chinese hacker. This spill of personal information shocked the sensibilities of members because it even included information of blood type. Nate had paid no attention to preventing the leakage of personal information. Thus, hackers were able to access personal information, including names, passwords, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, of 35 million accounts. This incident has attracted worldwide attention, because the trouble caused severe damage to the reputation of Nate. And even since this incident, personal information leakage continues to occur to this day..
Preventing the Leakage of Private Information.
First, don’t share personal information in instant messages. And, always Log Off your websites to make sure that nobody can plagiarize your personal information. The most common case of personal information leakage is on the Internet, web hard and messenger. You have to look out for trouble.
Second, remember that a personal information leakage can occur at any time, and anywhere. Usually, technology makes it easy to collect personal data about customers. Thus, in the online age, something of far greater value can be stolen -- your identity.
Third, we must by necessity, be careful of malicious computer codes. Relatedly, we should update our vaccine program every day.
App and Website for Preventing Personal information Leakage
1. App Police
This is most common application for prevent leakage of personal information. This application has functions for the expression of app security grades, hacking prevention, a smart phone vaccine, and phishing (or smishing) prevention.
2. Spy Investigation Team
The best function of this application is that it interprets shortened URLs. Therefore, it cab prevent personal information leakage and rescue a danger.
3. http://www.pipc.go.kr/
This web site is the official web site of the Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC). This site offers details about the definition personal information as well as more information to prevent the leaking of private information.

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