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How to Use Computer for a Long Time without Error

A computer must be managed well at all times. This article is to let you know about how to deal with malignant codes and computer errors that occur when using your computer for a long time.

1. Windows Users’ Security
The most important feature of your computer is Windows’ Security Update. However, most people do not utilize their Windows Security Update. This is because it is cumbersome and requires patience each time. But if you do not allow your Windows Users’ Security Update, good vaccine programs are hacked into by malignant codes or errors.
2. Vaccine program
A perfect vaccine program is nonexistent. Thus, a good method is to set up 2~3 vaccines. Importantly, you must use a “no real-time” monitoring capability and turn off any vaccine which has real-time monitoring functions. The original rule is 1 computer to 1 vaccine program. You need to check the virus or malignant code periodically using a vaccine program.
3. Active X program
Windows Active X program pops up frequently when you join a web surfing or public site. If you install the Active X program, you may be a “Zombie Computer”. So, we have to use the mind always. First, press “No” when Active X program pops up, and try re-entering your site. There is a case in which a site can be seen even without installing Active X program. Second, if you cannot see the site without installing the program, you should think carefully. You can make a decision after you think about whether you must see this site or will come back to this site. Third, you should install the Active X program for bank business or public sites, but you need to pay particular attention in these cases.
4. Stored registry to clean
Most of what is happening on your computer, is stored for the registry. But if this registry stores too much, it may slow down your system. Therefore, registry cleaning will help your computer system and speed. Also, for people who are using Windows XP, defragmentation will help your computer speed and system more than people who are using Vista or Windows 7.
5. Start program management
Your computer’s booting speed is slowed down when your computer has stored a Windows start up program. Thus, if you want to increase booting speed, you should deactivate your startup program from starting at the same time as your computer’s boot-up.

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