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Round Trips in One Day
Exams are over. Do you want to get out of your house? Let me tell you about all of the beautiful travel sites around Gyeong-nam. These are the best places for a one-day trip.
1. Tae-jong-dae in Bu-san.
Tae-jong-dae, a park located at the southern end of Yong-do Island, has magnificent views. The name comes from King Tae-jong of the Shilla Dynasty, who was infatuated with this scenery and made frequent visits to this area. It is the closest point to the Japanese island of Tsushima, and you can see the island on clear days. You should visit Tae-jong-dae Observatory. Looking at the ocean from the observation deck makes you feel thoroughly refreshed. The location where the observation deck stands used to be called Suicide Rock. Also, take a ride on the Da-nu-bi train. To protect the beautiful scenery, and for the safety of tourists, automobile traffic is prohibited. Transportation is provided by the Da-nu-bi Train, which can be used any time during the day. The fee is only 15,000 won.
2. Wine Tunnel in Cheong-do
Chung-do isn’t a famous place, but it is easy to get to, and inexpensive. The Cheongdo Wine Tunnel let’s you enjoy natural refinement in a deep tunnel. This tunnel was used as a wine cellar for storing persimmon wine, a specialty of Cheongdo-gun. In the tunnel, there is a cafe and bar where you can taste and purchase persimmon wine. There are also other unique attractions related to Cheong-do persimmons and wine, and special tourist items that can be purchased. This tunnel is popular with tourists as a summer shelter to avoid the heat and a winter refuge to avoid the cold. The Wine tunnel is accessible by bus or car. I recommend taking a bus, due to traffic congestion.

3. Windy Hill and Sin-seon-dae in Geo-jae
Windy Hill and Sin-seon-dae in Geo-jae is where the sea wind greets visitors along the extended clean area. There is a wonderful view of the blue sea. It is also a popular place for photographing because the sea harmonizes well with the hill. In Sin-seon-dae we can look out over the sea. A large rock secures it's position on the seashore. The wind here is very refreshing.
These are the best places for one-day trips. I hope you enjoy your trip.

Kim Jun-hyeok  -

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