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Enjoy Yourself After Midterms
You've done a good job with taking exams for about a week. These days, there is a big temperature difference and a dry climate with the arrival of autumn; you might get stressed with studying and maintaining the best condition. Resting at home or taking some naps are good ideas. But now, November is coming and the real autumn has started. Why don’t you plan some fun days? I would recommend some events in November for you.
Various festivals are held in the autumn, but especially, there are 12 festivals featuring Chrysanthemum, which is a seasonal flower in the fall. Two festivals are held in nearby Changwon. One is in Masan, another is in Jinju. First of all, Ga-go-pa Chrysanthemum Festival in Masan is decorated well with various kinds of chrysanthemums, different products of the flower, and featuring some singers in the evening. It is good to look around. Jinju Chrysanthemum Exhibition is smaller than that in Masan, but there are hundreds of kinds of chrysanthemums around the area. Also, there is a Chrysanthemum tea-tasting place, so it would be very good to go at least once. Both festivals are free to enter and enjoy!
Moreover, there are many performances. The shows that will be held in Gyeongsang-do are Cultwo’s full show, Yiruma piano concert, Lee Seung-Cheol show, Park Jae-Beom show, and a musical called 42nd Street. How about releasing your stress by listening to music and songs of singers you love? Also, the musical called 42nd Street is jazzy with music and tap dance, and this show has a great message – telling you to do your best in stretching your strength, talent and youth, be ready for future, and challenge yourself to achieve your dream. People who saw this musical say it would not disappoint you!
If you are bored with just going to festivals, how about events that you can participate in? For exercise, there is the Changwon Unification Marathon Tournament, which is held on November 17th, and the sole Navy Barracks-Course Marathon Tournament also will be held in Jin-hae. For the Navy Marathon, different from other original marathons, there is an event beforehand: a ceremony of Korean sailors and you can run while seeing naval vessels and ocean. There are 5km course, 10km course and a half-course. The half-course is about 21km. If you are a beginner, start with 5km course first, and then try 10km and the half-course. Make a great memory and improve your health at the same time!
If you have a pet, I want to recommend the K-pet Fair. It is going to be held in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do. The fair mainly highlights how fast the pet industry is growing. Companies which make products such as feed, houses, and medicine participate in this fair, promote their items, and emphasize safety. The biggest advantage is that we can go with our pets.
There are many more festivals, concerts, and performances. Search for more information and attend some events you like. Congratulations on finishing the mid-term week!

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