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Causes of Infertility
The birth rate in Korea is decreasing, but there are still many couples that want babies. One reason for the decreasing birthrate is infertility. The number of infertile couples is sharply increasing these days. The cause could be the man, the woman, or the environment. For an infertile couple to have a baby, it is important to understand the problem. Many assume the woman is responsible. However, men’s health problems are just as common.
Female infertility has many causes. Myoma of the uterus is one. This is a cancer that is common for females. The tumor blocks the sperm from reaching the egg, making fertilization impossible. Stress and excessive dieting can also disturb the endocrine system. So it impacts female hormones, which makes it hard to know the day of ovulation.
There are also many male factors. One main cause is varicocele, which is when the vein in the testis fills with blood. Because of the stagnated blood, the temperature of the testis goes up, modifying the sperm. Then there is aspermia. This is a common problem, whereby the number of sperm is low, and the probability of a natural pregnancy is almost zero. Aspermia doesn’t have any symptoms, so most men don’t recognize the disorder. In this case, couples have to have a test-tube baby.
The environment can also be an important factor. We use more synthetic products such as plastic and rubber these days. These polymers can cause irregular menstruation. Also, a large number of women wear shorts and miniskirts even in winter. As the result, the temperature of their uterus goes down. It can cause various diseases, and impact their periods. The Fukushima nuclear power plant accident has also been pointed out as a cause of infertility. Researchers are watching the situation closely.
One out of ten couples have difficulty having a baby. It is much more common than we thought. You might be part of the 10 percent. To prevent this problem, it is important to know and take care of our bodies.

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