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Good books for YOU!
Most 20-somethings are worried about their future. We are sometimes confused about how well we were doing and what it is right. Let me introduce you to some good books for this!
1. Shit My Dad Says
Justin Halpern wrote this book. Justin, who broke up with his girlfriend and then returned home, was inspired by the swearing words of his father. It expressed very strong biting advice by the father for youth. It showed his father’s view of life. It was a successful life if he thought life is Wonderful, even if he has nothing.
I felt catharsis in reading this book. His father says about 20-somethings, “20s is the age of suffering here and there.” I laughed out loud while reading this book.

2. Snail Letter
This book is an essay written by Yun Seok-mi. She graduated from EWHA Woman University and was an MBC radio writer. She wrote this book in a slowpoke letter style. It was like a hand mirror looking at my wandering mind. There are eight sections of wisdom to know. I learned about different thinking angles through this book. If I think carefully, I can think widely. She says, “Profundity of thought is not to decide everything.
This is a life reflection from an elder. So as I read it, I was very thankful. Do you want an elder’s teaching?

3. Eight Words
Eight Words represents the humanities’ view of life. Writer Park Wong-hyeon graduated from Korea University. There are many writings about life, but this book answered what I want. Section 1 is called “Self-esteem”. Park states there is a self-standard from the inner for finding self-esteem. Usually, we are afraid of being different from others. He suggests this is the wrong attitude. Self-esteem is an inner standard and precedes everything else. Looking inward to one’s own mind, rather than in the opinion of others, can help our direction to move forward as a society. As I read this book, I felt sympathetic with its message and was thankful.
Studying or working all the time is hard and tiring. We want to feel healing, and this is through traveling, listening to music, and meeting friends. And, reading good books like the ones reviewed here!

Lim Guk-jin  -

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