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Challenge Your Dream
These days, television seems to be in the grip of audition program fever. Not only singing, but also dancing, acting, hip-hop, and modeling. These audition programs are popular because anyone can audition. They also give teenagers dreams. They show the hardship and effort of the participants. It is real.
Superstar K is a popular audition program. It was first broadcast in 2009. It was the beginning of audition programs. It achieved surprising ratings on television. The number of applicants increased each season. The whole country could participate in the preliminary contest. If you got through the preliminaries, you could perform live, and the winner performed in the end-of-the-year awards ceremony. Today, Superstar K season 5 is broadcast every Friday night.
K-pop star is also popular. There are three big companies involved, SM, YG, and JYP. Representatives from each company judge the contestants. They train the applicants, and the companies pick up those with promising talent, even if they lose. Applicants who join these companies become successful. K-pop Star season 3 starts in November.
Besides singing auditions, other auditions are popular too. Dancing 9 starts this year. After the preliminaries, applicants are divided into two teams, and must accomplish their missions. Applicants who succeed are broadcast live. This is a team contest. When one side is defeated, one applicant drops out. Dancing 9 deals with not only k-pop dance, but also sport dance, ballet and other kinds of dancing. Dancing 9 shows the passion, courage, and leadership of the participants. Dancing 9 season 1 is broadcast every Saturday night.
“America’s Next Top Model” is popular in America. So a Korean version, Korea’s Next Top Model, has come out. It features top model Jang Yun-ju. When applicants complete their missions, they move on. They train to achieve good physical strength. The winner receives prize money and gets the opportunity to model in a big magazine. This audition program is very popular among girls. Korea’s Next Top Model is broadcast every Thursday night.
Many other audition programs were broadcast in the past, like The Great Birth, I’m A Singer, and Top Band. And this year, there are new audition programs coming out. In October, a program will be broadcast about dogs. Super Dog selects the most unusual dog. And Passion King will be a program for designers. In November, Call Nation will select the strongest soldier. The Genius season 2 will be broadcast too. In the future, more audition programs will appear. I hope audition programs develop and are truthful. I want them to provide hopes and dreams to all applicants.

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