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Water Bloom:No Need to Worry about Tap Water
Nak-dong River, where our tap water in Chang-won comes from, is currently suffering from a phenomenon called water bloom. It makes rivers green by the sudden development of conspicuous masses of organisms, known as algae, on the surface of water. This year, the masses of algae have formed along the Nak-dong River at a faster pace than usual.
The rapid expansion of water bloom was triggered by the long-term heat and lack of rain this past summer. In addition, a lack of force in the water’s currents can affect the quantity of algae. With slower tides, the thick water causes algae to multiply more quickly.
Recently, the speed of the tides has slowed down due to the government’s four-river refurbishment project. The four-river refurbishment project aims to gather a lot of water in case of drought, prevent floods in the summer, and improve the overall water quality. Also, the refurbished rivers can later be highlighted as tourist attractions. Unfortunately, despite these merits, the project has been contributing to serious water bloom before its completion.
At the same time, as long as the temperature continues to rise, water bloom also intensifies. The condition of the water is now at its worst because of the vast amount of algae, and 11 million fish were killed by the water bloom. The sudden development of algae causes a lack of oxygen in the water, makes toxins, and causes various infectious diseases such as river disorder.
Despite the serious water bloom problem of the Nak-dong River, private citizens’ tap water can still be considered safe in its distribution to Chang-won homes, thanks to the city’s water cleaning facility’s intensified efforts of its purification program.
Last year, for example, the city’s water cleaning facility established a new algae prevention film and surface-aerated device that circulates the water by force at water intake. In addition, a carbon dioxide dosing device had been established this past March, which helps decrease the concentration of hydrogen, pH. This device is useful because one problem which can interrupt the water purification process is when water pH gets too high. By using the device, pH naturally lowers, which improves the water purifying process.
Finally, the city’s water analysis program has also been intensified. The officials have increased the frequency of algae examination checks from once a week to once a day. Thus, as a result of the use of high quality devices and frequent checking of the water quality, the manager of waterworks business has stated that there are no problems regarding water quality in Changwon.
Even with the purified water, people should be aware of their taps, because rust can come out even with clean water. Tap rust can cause skin contamination. Citizens should thus note that it is not sufficient that their tap water is checked by the city’s water supply facilities, but also be sure that their faucets are checked regularly by themselves.

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