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Traveling on Nubija Bicycles: Frugality and Convenience

The hot summer has almost passed, and autumn will be arriving. It is most enjoyable to travel with the cooler winds in autumn. If you want to get around in Chang-won, take advantage of Nubija bicycles for travelling. Nubija bicycle is the city’s official rental bicycle which you can take out from various Nubija bicycle parking stations in Chang-won. For 24 hours, you just pay 1,000 won. If you’re planning to ride somewhat regularly, you can ride Nubija bicycle anytime through obtaining a one-year card for around 20,000 won.
One fun course we suggest is going from CWNU to Masan. You can rent a Nubija bicycle at CWNU’s main entrance Nubija bicycle station and cruise on the downhill road, taking it all the way to the straight road, which is Changwon’s main street. With this course, you don’t have to memorize the riding path and you can enjoy riding on flatland without any thinking. You can take this road all the way to City Seven and Homeplus. Then, you will cross a bridge, and it becomes a straight flatland road without traffic lights. This road is the coast road to Masan. Unfortunately, the coast road water is contaminated so you may smell some odors. However, you can enjoy Nubija bicycle’s pace because it’s a straight flatland road. Finally when you arrive to Masan, you should take the left route and arrive to the Masan Fish Market. Compared to eating at a sushi restaurant, enjoying fish is inexpensive and delicious at the Masan Fish Market. You can enjoy a plateful of sashimi and return to CWNU, feeling satisfied with frugality and convenient travel.
Getting around on a bicycle for leisure offers both exercise and local travel while spending minimal money. This being so, Nubija bicycle travel is a worthy endeavor to check out. When the cooler weather finally arrives, plan a Nubija bicycle riding adventure with some friends for a nice fall experience.

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