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How Can We Save Energy?
Did you see the “Human Condition” on KBS? It was about humans living without electricity. A national blackout occurred on September 15, 2011. When electricity consumption reached its peak, many people realized the value of electricity. Let’s look at how to prevent a blackout.
1. Present vs Past
In the summer, air conditioners and electric fans are very useful. But we use them imprudently. How did people in the past live without air conditioners and electric fans?
Clothes in the past were different. “Ramie Fabric” was used for summer clothes because it could absorb moisture quickly.
People also made other things to cool themselves, such as fans and Dutch wives. Fans are still used but Dutch wives have been forgotten. A Dutch wife is a hollow, woven bamboo tube that is well ventilated. In summer, try hugging a Dutch wife instead of using an air conditioner when you go to sleep.

2. Making electricity
There are people who turn on lights in every room. This is a great waste of energy. Turning off lights saves electricity. There are also various ways to make electricity. First, there is the light of the sun. Energy can even be stored in solar panels carried in backpacks.
Private power station bicycles also make electricity. You can exercise and make electricity in your home through this. It kills two birds with one stone. Exercising for one hour can produce 144 Watts of energy, enough to power an electric fan for four hours. Making energy teaches us the value of electricity.

3. Go to a cool place
Summer is the outdoor season, but it can be troublesome. Temperatures are different between your home's interior and in a valley. The temperature in your home is about 30 degrees Celsius. Go to a cool place. You will feel the difference.
On the “Human Condition,” Comedian Yang Sang-guk went to the Miryang ice valley. It was 7 degrees Celsius there. How about going to a cool place? Going to a cool place is a good way to preserve electricity.
These are three good ways to preserve electricity. Let’s start to save energy together.

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