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What Will Happen to Us?- The Existing Circumstances between North & South Korea
A series of provocations from North Korea have become a political hot potato. Not long ago, most Koreans were scared of the breakout of a war. The mass media have reported on the circumstances in North Korea and the prospect of war. North Korea’s official leader, Kim Jong-un, has threatened many countries in the world. Powerful nations including the United States and China are trying to prepare measures to stop North Korea’s warmongering, such as by cutting off food aid.
- Why did North Korea provoke war this time?
North Korea began provoking war when South Korea and the United States started Key Resolve, which is a combined military training exercise between the two countries. They formally renewed the war by announcing that they had rescinded the ceasefire agreement and blocking the South-North hot line of the Panmunjeom liaison office. They declared that they are going to begin a national military drill around at the whole area of Wonsan in response to Key Resolve.
The second main reason this is happening is to construct a new leadership system for Kim Jong-un. He needed to build widespread support from the leading members of the government as well as his people. The purpose of Kim Jong-un’s threat is to put the brakes on pressure toward North Korea, such as the adoption of a sanctions resolution by the United Nations Security Council, which issued a statement condemning the North's nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009, and launch of a long-range rocket in 2012. Through its behavior, North Korea is trying to express resistance to the international society

- Is Gaeseong Industrial Complex okay?
Twenty-four days after announcing entrance control to Gaeseong Industrial Complex, North Korea prohibited the supply of drinking water, food and medicine for the remaining people in the area. South Korea demanded discussions and warned of shutting down the industrial complex, but North Korea did not make any effort at dialogue. Finally, Gaeseong Industrial Complex was closed after being in operation for eight years.
Gaeseong Industrial Complex holds a key position in this political issue. Although there is a high probability of South Korean officials being exposed to thought indoctrination by North Korea, the South Korean government could not plan any counter-measures and even assumed the cost of transport. The reason why South Korea tried to keep Gaeseong Industrial Complex as the last bastion of the South-North dialogue was that if it collapsed, there would be no more peaceful dialogue or negotiations. To put it plainly, the war does not matter to North Korea because they have nothing to lose, while South Korea is in the opposite situation. The South is making a mistake on this point. If the closure of Gaeseong Industrial Complex continues, the case of Mt. Geumgang will recur. At that time, North Korea closed it and sold it to a foreign country. South Korea must not leave North Korea to repeat the same situation.
- How should South Korea cope with the provocation of North Korea?
Everyone can sense that the internal political climate of North Korea is uncommon. Therefore, the probability of war has increased. South Korea has to enhance combat readiness to counter possible attacks in any situation. Also the government of South Korea should defuse the tension on the Korean Peninsula by strengthening diplomatic ties with other involved countries such as The United States, China, Japan, and Russia.

Even though the majority of Koreans are not concerned about war, we cannot rest under these circumstances. It is predicted that North Korea will continue its provocations and increase the prospect of war. So South Korea needs to counteract flexibly as it enforces sanctions, or takes a step backward. Wise decisions and actions are needed for everyone’s peace.

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