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Attractive Perfume Recommendations

Coming-of-Age Day is approaching, and a lot of people are looking for a perfume. Here are some suggestions for perfumes you can wear during the springtime. First of all, I will recommended some perfume for women.

No.1 Ferragamo Incanto Charms

This perfume is cute, like candy. If you like sweets, you should wear this perfume. This perfume is available in all four seasons. It can be used by women in their late teens or early twenties. The scent lasts for about 3 hours. The price for 30 ml is about 30,000 won.

No.2 Versace Bright Crystal

The bottle for this perfume is very beautiful. The bottom is simple, but large crystals are sprinkled on the top, causing the lid to twinkle. The top note is sweet citrus. The endurance is also good. It is well suited for women in their early or late twenties. The price for 30 ml is about 45,000 won.

No.3 Lanvin Eclat D'Arpege

If you are a first-time user, I have to recommend this perfume. This is the most popular perfume. The fragrance is like a sweet lover. It is also overflowing and familiar. If a woman pursues distinction, it is not recommended. The price for 30 ml is about 30,000 won.

No.4 Lanvin Marry me

The name of the perfume sounds lovely. Also, it has a fragrance that evokes passion and happiness, and is refreshing. This perfume is a favorite among women, and sufficient to receive the attention of a man. If you want to be loved, try it. The price for 30 ml is about 30,000 won.

No.5 Elizabeth Arden Green Tea.

This perfume has the fragrance of a cool summer. Wearing this perfume makes you feel refreshed. This perfume is low-priced compared to other perfumes. The price for 30ml is about 10,000 won.

Next, I will recommend some perfume for men. Women who want to purchase a perfume for a man should take note.

No.1 Chanel Allure Homme Eau de Toilette

Chanel perfume usually has a strong fragrance. However, this perfume is creamy like milk. Its fragrance is full of masculinity. This perfume is suited for men in their mid to late twenties. The price for 50ml is about 70,000 won.

No.2 Versace Eau Fraiche

This perfume is a blend of fragrant roses and lemon zest. It is well suited when the spring winds blow. It is especially suitable for young people. The price of 50 ml is about 50,000 won.

No.3 Ferrari Light Essence Eau de Toilette

The ice blue bottle is popular among women. This is a neutral fragrance of masculinity and softness. It feels like a sporty perfume launched by Ferrari. The price for 40 ml is about 30,000 won.

No.4 Paul Smith Extreme Eau de Toilette for Men

The distinctive pattern of Paul Smith has a simple and modern feel. The first scent is your dad’s smell. But over time, it changes colors like flowers. This perfume has a unique individuality. The price for 50 ml is about 60,000 won.

No.5 Armani Acqua di Gio Pour Homme

This has a fragrance similar to the freshness of the sea. This perfume is a steady seller for those in their mid twenties. Rather than an uncle, imagine a new member of society. The price for 50 ml is about 70,000 won.

by Kim Jun-hyeok, cub-reporter

Kim jun-hyeok  powersoft3@naver.com

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