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Know-how about university clothes
It is important to wear clothes suitable for the time and place. Of course, everyone knows that, but some people still have difficulties choosing appropriate clothes. University students, especially, worry about this more than others. As they are both non-professionals and students, formal wear might look too "heavy," while too casual attire might look indifferent. So, for people who feel this confusion, here are some tips.
If you have a formal affair such as big presentation, male students may worry about getting a suit. But wearing a suit is not common in university except for student government candidates or CNU ambassadors. Actually, it is easy. You just have to avoid looking casual. Men can look formal just wearing dress shirts without a tie. And a simple-designed T-shirt with a cardigan is also recommended. All kinds of pants are good. Those tops match well with jeans, cotton pants, and so on. Oh, but "vintage look" is not acceptable! All the pants have to be clean and simple.
The rules for women are pretty similar. A blouse with pants or skirt might be best, but that’s not all. Wearing a simple-designed or toned down knit also can give a respectful look. As appearance is important to making a good impression, women wear suitable clothes relatively easily compared to men, because they can also wear make-up to perk up their appearance.
How about going to MT or attending events such as field day during university life? I strongly suggest wearing comfortable clothes. If these events are overnight or longer, both men and women are suggested to dress casually. You may know that, but some freshmen have no idea about it. As these events usually involve some active events, dressing casually is important. If you don't, you might feel discomfort and regret.

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