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Do you know about LASIK, LASEK and Lens Implant Surgery?
Nowadays, many people’s eyesight is failing due to developments in the media, and other causes. There are also genetic problems. When you look around you notice that many people depend on glasses and lenses. But these things involve too many inconveniences for them.
Do you experience things like steamed up glasses when you eat hot food or when there is a change in temperature, discomfort from heavy glasses, inconvenience when you lie down, tired eyes when you wear powerful spectacles, irritation on your nose, dry, irritated eyes, the high cost of lenses? You need not worry about that anymore.
You may have often heard of LASIK (Laser In-SItu Keratomileusis), LASEK (Laser Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratomileusis), and Lens Implant Surgery. Doctors operate differently according to the eye condition. There are many surgical methods which depend on the kinds of lasers used. It is vital that you choose a surgery method only after various eye examinations or consultations. For an accurate cornea measurement, you have to take out soft contact lenses at least a week before and hard contact lenses at least 2~3 weeks before. Also, be clean and don’t put on eye makeup that day because it can lead to infection or inflammatory responses. Before the operation, you’d better get a good night’s sleep and don’t overwork, or drink heavily. Bring a friend or family member, because you can’t drive. You should be 18 years old or older. And you shouldn’t be planning to get pregnant within six months.
Let’s check the differences between these surgeries. Simply, LASIK is the best when your eye condition is not serious. In case of LASEK, it’s suitable for thin corneas, small eyes and shortsightedness. Lens Implant Surgery is good for a person with a condition too bad to undergo LASIK or LASEK.
The surgery is very simple. It takes only 15~20 minutes for LASIK and LASEK, and 20~30 minutes for Lens Implant Surgery on each eye with a week-long gap in between.
You can’t feel pain during the operation, because anesthetic eye drops are used. You just have to do as the doctors say. Soon the surgery will be over. Some people say, “It’s killing me.” But it differs from individual to individual. Don’t worry, it’s going to be OK.
LASEK’s recovery speed is slower than LASIK's, but the degree of recovery is similar. Lens Implant Surgery has few side effects, but it is the most expensive.
Maintenance is more important than the surgery. First you use prescribed eye drops, keep clean and don't contaminate the eye drops. Next don’t rub, because the cornea may be broken away or acquire wrinkles even if you shut your eyes too strongly. In this case, it can lead to a serious disability. Third, keep water off your face. Wipe with a towel instead of splashing with water and wear a sleep mask for at least a week. For a while, don’t watch TV or use a computer, read books, or drive too long. Just relax. It’s a great help to wear sunglasses. Last, don’t do any strenuous exercise such as playing basketball, soccer, or swimming for at least a month. Remember this and have a bright world!

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