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Do You Believe in Fortunetelling?
We Koreans have long believed in superstition and used different ways of learning our future. At the beginning of January, people usually wish for a good future and read their fortune by zodiac sign, animal year, saju, and so on
First, the zodiac is common. But do not confuse it with constellations. Constellation means a division of the celestial sphere which is used to describe the position of stars based on the brightest star. Zodiac sign means horoscope. It is from Western culture. Ancient people believed that the sky is the great universe and a human is a miniature universe, and thought that they could predict someone’s future or personality by using his or her birthday and corresponding celestial bodies’ location. In the zodiac, there are Aries (sheep), Taurus (bull), Gemini (twins), Cancer (crab), Leo (lion), Virgo (virgin), Libra (the balance), Scorpio (scorpion), Sagittarius (archer), Capricorn (goat), Aquarius (water bottle), and Pisces (fish). All signs have unique characteristics and stories handed down by tradition.
The second method is Sa-ju. Sa-ju means the way of fortune-telling by using four sexagenary cycles based on someone’s birthday. It is totally from Eastern philosophy. Especially parents consult a fortuneteller about their children or children’s wedding. Sa-ju is deeply related to our life. People go see a skilled fortuneteller before doing something serious. Fortunetellers’ influence is powerful, so there are some cases when parents are strongly opposed to a marriage match because of a bad saju result. Although foreigners think it is very strange, it is part of our culture.
In other countries, there are astrology, tarot cards, and so on. Astrology is a kind of telling a person's good or ill luck by comparing his zodiac sign to current star positions and movements. The person who deals with this is the astrologist. If you go see the astrologist, he or she would ask your past history. You had better describe your past frankly, because the astrologist uses it to guess something about your future. Next, many young people are familiar with tarot cards. Tarot cards are based on a person’s birthday. There are seventy-eight cards in a set. Tarot started in Europe, especially Italy, from the thirteenth century, and has the oldest trump card.
Whatever you choose, the result will be similar. I recommend you read your fortune any way you like. It will be interesting. But remember, your future is made by you. Good luck to you!

Jo Young-in  -

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