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Ophthalmoplasty, Do you want it?
South Korea is ranked first in the world for plastic surgery. It is well-known that most people have ophthalmoplasty. At the end of the SAT, what did you want to do? One thing you probably wanted to do was Ophthalmoplasty. But, how much do you know about it? Ophthalmoplasty has many side effects. Therefore, before you get surgery, it is important that you have to look at your eyes closely. Now, choose the surgery method.
First, if the space between the eyes is wide or you have an epicanthic fold, a slit on the front of the eye is very good. This is Ophthalmoplasty by straightening small and puffy eyes by exposing the space inside the eye. This surgery takes about 30 minutes. It looks natural in about 1~2 months and the scars cannot be seen in about 3~4 months.
If you have a sharp expression because your eyes slant upwards, a back slit is suitable. It is a method where the underside of the outer eyelid is brought down. It makes the eyes big and gives a soft expression. This surgery is about an hour. And you have natural eyes in a month.
Finally, there is double eyelid surgery. There are three methods. The first is investing which makes your eyelid thin and not droopy. Its advantage is there is no scar from using suture thread. But, in some cases, the eyelid line is faint and loose.
The second method is the incision method that many people have done. (This surgery makes an incision in the skin and stitches after cutting suitable fat, muscle and connective tissue.) It takes from a half hour to an hour. Its recovery term is longer than the other surgery and it leaves a scar. But, you never lose the double eyelids. A week after surgery, the suture thread is removed. Then, make up and using a lens may be used.
There will be side effects if you don't care well for your eyes after surgery. It is important to prevent the appearance of edema. Edema appears because of bleeding at the surgical site. After surgery, doctors say that an ice pack is good. Plus, you should keep your head higher than your heart to prevent edema. Recovery is different for each person, because skin thickness, fat and muscle amounts are different. People who take proper care after surgery recover quickly.
Everyone is interested in plastic surgery. Women always desire to become more beautiful. I hope you choose plastic surgery looking for your own individual charm, not the pretty image of other people. I hope you make the best choice.

* Ophthalmoplasty :reconstruction of eyelid

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