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Ladies and gentlemen, Christmas is coming soon. Carols echo through the whole town, right? What carol or Christmas song do you like? Today, I want to tell you about some Christmas songs. Pick your favorite song and enjoy your happy Christmas.

Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad is Spanish for Merry Christmas. This song wishes people a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The title of this song is used as a Christmas greeting in Argentina, which has Christmas during its summer. On Christmas Day, the whole family and relatives gather and hold a "Fiesta," which means festival. At midnight, children wait for Papa-Noel to bring gifts. Feliz Navidad is another language's Merry Christmas, and the way they dream of Christmas in Spanish speaking countries.

O Holy Night

This song is from a French poem. It was set to music in 1874 by Adolphe Adam. One famous singer of this song is Aled Jones, a well-known boy soprano born in 1970. This song is always heard in church at Christmas, during the service or mass to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and to announce that the world is brighter through him. Also, this song is used as background music for the holiday movie “Home Alone”. At Christmas, people of all ages enjoy this movie. This Christmas, I hope you are listening to this song while watching the movie.

All I Want for Christmas is You

If I ask people what Christmas songs they remember, all of them will say this song. It appeared in 1994, and echoes through the streets at Christmas. The story of this song is "All I want for Christmas." It says that I want to have nothing, except you. Also, this song is sung by Anna in the movie “Love Actually”. Thanks to this movie, the song may be loved even more. And I think this is the most beloved Mariah Carey song.

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