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The Way to Become a Mental Millionaire:Read, Read, Read

I chose three books; the best selling essay, novel, and one steady seller. These are featured at Kyobo book store.

Steady-seller : Things That You Can See, When You Stop.

Hye-Min is the first monk that became an American University professor. He studied comparative religion for a master’s degree at Harvard University and then earned a religious studies Ph.D degree at Princeton University. He is now a very prominent monk in a temple in New York. The book, Things That You Can See, If You Stop, is an essay for modern people who are tired in life. The book says many things: You can’t change your spouse or children, and they may run away from you if you try. And you should find your own color and passion.

Essay best seller : You Can Become an Adult by Suffering a Thousand Hardships.

Kim Nan-Do is the author of You are youthful because you feel pain. And this is a new story for youth who are not mature yet. The book became a million-seller in the shortest time possible, and now he’ll tell us another story: He talks to rookies who are just starting out in a career, and mentions their problems and dilemmas in their "first real-world.” And also, he emphasizes that these trials are natural, and that all people feel shy or pained at some period in their lives.

Novel best seller : The Big Picture.

Douglas Kennedy writes his work with a critical view of his nation. The Big Picture has a special idea, an attractive story, and it gives us thrills with its vivid description. The main character, Ben, is a lawyer but he always wants to live as a photographer. And the book shows his daily routine with thrilling humor and exciting scenes. We especially feel Ben’s sense of loss, sadness, and wandering because of his old dream to be a photographer. Ben has other passions for real dreams and we can feel dramatic tension and thrilling storytelling.

Lim Se-jin  youngwon13@naver.com

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