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Trendsetter in the Festival

Kim Dae-gon
(Dept. of Tax)
His style was leopard. His fashion is all his own and appropriate for the hottest festival. He was very chic, lofty and lost in deep thought for a few minutes drinking a cocktail. He said I did not exist in Mt. Kilimanjaro. I was in Cheongbyeong Mt. His fashion was very good and unique. But his shoes were not good because his shoes were already scuffed and dirty. If he had perfect shoes, he would have looked nicer...

Kim Sky
(Dept. of Industry Design)
She said to me "I don't like a person who is dead to fashion. My dress code is twinkle." So she was very fashion conscious. She is small. But she covered up her lack of height with Kill-heels. She stood out with her orange hair and black and silver clothes. However, her pockets were sprung. This is messily disorganized. This style is not to everyone's taste.

Park Jong-gyu
(Dept. of Free Major)
When selecting clothes, what you wear should be stylish and clean, and must definitely fit well. Do you like neutral colors such as browns and navy? Overall his fashion color is dark blue and dark green. So that goes well with the tones of autumn. He is a neat, stylish dresser and his hair style is also natural. His necktie matches well with his cardigan. He is little fat, but style is good. I thought, "Fine clothes make the man."

Kim Jun-hyeok  youngwon13@naver.com

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