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test your personality
▣ Test ▣
01 You are going to decorate your room with roses from the flower garden.
How many roses do you want to pick?
02 You enter a room which has nothing but four white walls. How would you feel in it?
03 You are going to cross a desert. How many pairs of shoes do you want to bring with you?
04 You are walking on the street, then something quickly passes by you. What is it?
05 You happen to open your cupboard. How many cups are in there?
06 You fly in an airplane for the first time in your life. How does it feel when the plane takes
off from the ground?
07 On a rainy day, you are walking on the street. Suddenly, a car passes by you and splashes
mud on you. Where on your body would the car splash the mud?
08 Your baby is crying, the doorbell is ringing and water is boiling in a pot.
In what order are you going to handle them?

▣ Result ▣
01 The number of people you love.
02 The feeling when you die.
03 The number of people you would love before you marry.
04 Your before life.
05 The number of your true friends.
06 The feeling of your first kiss.
07 The part of your body that you want to change.
08 The things you are looking for in your date.
The baby symbolizes his/her personality, door-bell means their appearance and water is their property.

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