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  • Jiwon Yoo, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2016.06.11 18:06
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Do you know about an organization which pursues healthy and vibrant sports and social welfare by providing a physical fitness test through a scientific system and exercise prescription for residents facing the national health age of 100 years? This organization also helps them to improve their physical strength and keep exercise steadily. It’s the Changwon Fitness Authentication Center. After I heard the news that a CWNU graduate is working as a sports controller there, I met him to find out about it.

Q: Hello, please shortly introduce yourself to the readers.

Yoo: Hello, my name is Yoo-Sung-Hyeon and I’m majoring in physical education and I work at the Changwon Citizens-living-gym Fitness Authentication Center, currently. I'm working as sports controller and I'm in charge of tasks such as exercise counseling for enhancing health, exercise prescription and fitness certificate issuing.

Q: What motivated you to choose the Department of Physical Education and this career now?

Yoo: I was interested in sports since high school, so I started sports. After I joined the athletic department, I worked as a trainer from 2nd grade in high school until I was a senior. I became a sports healer because exercise prescription and the training sector was a good fit for me and I could feel self-worth when citizens like exercising and regaining their health and confidence when I provide high quality service professionally to them.

Q: Can you give me details about your work and exercise program for those who don't know about the sports healer.

Yoo: When residents visit, they receive a physical examination such as presence of drugs, joint condition and presence of chronic disease through a medical checkup called PAR-Q. Then they can know the results of measurement and body component like body fat and amount of muscle. This allows me to provide an exercise program for them to improve their first dropping physical factors. I offer pictures about exercise and data with explanations so they can exercise themselves at home. Or I serve customized sports programs such as reducing body fat, improving disease and prevention. Exercise prescription is up to 10 to 30 minutes, but this process is entirely free. In addition, sports healers operate in a physical promotion classroom which is aimed at people overweight, obese, or with weak stamina for only customers getting fitness measurement. This program is operating with a total of 8 weeks for one hour, three times a week. I started operation from March 9, 2016 and 711 people have been measured up to this date, but the fitness enhancement class has a lot of competition now because it's gaining tremendous popularity. Although it's backbreaking, people can know the interests of exercise and especially all people can surely experience results of physical strength improvement such as reducing their body fat and greatly increasing 20m shuttle run numbers which mean cardiopulmonary endurance.

Q: Wow, it's such a helpful program. I'm wondering about the process for procuring employment in Changwon Fitness Authentication Center. Was it difficult?

Yoo: After the course as sports healer were trainer are set, I looked for education, seminars and conferences in related majors parallel with school studies every weekend. Here I was able to gain some professional knowledge. During the vacation I went up to Seoul and did internships to gain field experience, then I could fill gaps in my experience doing practical work. Also, I got a national certification to become a sports healer and for that, I made a study plan and studied sincerely. At the same time, I developed and studied many programs by myself and such efforts are very helpful now.

Q: What qualifications do we need to enter your field?

Yoo: If you want to become an expert in one field, don't stop at simply liking it, and it needs endless ardor which surpasses that and patience. It's important to develop myself more professionally and I study constantly to provide better health service to people because this field treats people.

Q: Would you like to try some more things in the future?

Yoo: I would like to further inform and develop physical education. At the same time, I love teaching so I'd like to study professionally and become a physical education professor to educate students in the future.

Q: Thank you for answering our interview. I hope that you can be a better sports healer in the future, and achieve your goal of becoming a professor. Do you have any last words you want to tell juniors?

Yoo: The process of figuring out what you want to do is very difficult, and in this regard I think that going out anywhere directly and experiencing everything and sometimes running against a stump are better than just sitting with worries but doing nothing. I hope that juniors have courage and be a challenging talented person who always stands against hard work proudly.

Jiwon Yoo, cub-reporter  -

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