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Studying is not the only way to succeed
  • Seo Su-jin, reporter
  • 승인 2016.05.23 13:58
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Work out after getting up at 6:00a.m. Have breakfast and train on water at Gimhae training field. After coming back at 5p.m. have dinner. Weight training by myself in the gym and go to bed. It’s my very ordinary daily life. Am I not exhausted? I get worn out 10 times a day. However, I believe ‘R=VD’, ‘Realization=Vivid Dream’, so that I can take a firm stand despite breathing, like vomiting.

I started Taekwondo when I was 7 years old because I loved exercising. I didn’t have anything good except exercise. When I became a middle school student, my mom enrolled me in an academy in which I managed my academic record. On weekends, I went to the academy at 9 in the morning and came back home at 10p.m. To be honest, I hated studying. I used to nod off during classes. I was what is called a ‘dumbhead’.

When I was a 2nd grader in middle school, I agonized over my course in my own way. My P.E. teacher who recognized I was good at P.E., asked me if I like exercising. I told him “I have learned Taekwondo from early childhood.” However, he said that it is difficult to go to highschool with Taekwondo and recommended canoeing. I didn’t consider other options and just started it. I didn’t even know what canoeing was; I liked every sport. This is how canoeing and I met.

I haven’t thought of athletics as a living before getting to know canoeing. I have a pretty simple personality where I have to bring my goal to the conclusion. Through systematic training for 11 months, I was able to win a gold medal for the national competition. Furthermore, when I had ‘The National Youth Sports Competition’ ahead, my expected ranking was 1st prize. However, due to several unfavorable conditions, I ranked in 3rd place. Even though I couldn’t get my expected medal, I think I could learn much from this. Especially, I learned that getting in shape for the game holds sway over the championship as much as ability.

My mom opposed me being an athlete. She wanted me to study hard and choose a job which has less risk. When I told her I’d take up canoe, she definitely didn’t like it; her expectation on me lessened because my school grade was almost at the bottom. Even when I was preparing for the national competition, she thought I would be fed up, myself. However, after I got the gold medal and told her on the phone, she cried with a quavering voice. I can’t forget the emotion at that time even now.

My eventual goal is, of course, to be the world’s No.1. For this, I have to put all of my effort to be selected as a national player even this year as I did last year. Honestly, I sometimes have trouble. When exercising all day long, I wonder if it is what I truly love. On the other hand, it is evidence that I am doing my best to make headway. After overcoming this time, I can find myself matured.

Some people give a look out of sympathy because we cannot hang out with friends, date a girlfriend, nor drink at night. As with all sport teams, we have a restricted curfew and free time but for us, affiliation shows us. Without it, we cannot play as a player and it directly means our career stops. Therefore, belonging represents much to us.

In the 10th national canoe competition, the CWNU canoe team got 2nd place. It leaves little to be desired as a team member, but for me, it was satisfying because I won the gold medal for the individual game. I won’t stop becoming the world’s No.1 canoer. Lastly, it can be regarded as a quite different dream but it is my romance to enjoy canoe with my junior.

Seo Su-jin, reporter  cg0314@naver.com

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