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Getting to know Chaoreum in CWNU
  • Hun Lee, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2016.05.18 11:43
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Sangwha Seol proud of himself to represent CWNU

Have you ever heard of a group called Chaoreum? This group is dedicated to promoting Changwon National University behind the scenes. Here’s an interview with the head of Chaoreum.
Q : Nice to meet you. Please introduce yourself to our readers..
Seol : My pleasure. My name is Sanghwa Seol from the Department of Electronic Engineering. I entered CWNU in 2010. I’m currently in charge of representing Chaoreum, a group of student honorary ambassadors of CWNU.
Q : Many students may not be familiar with
Chaoreum; would you explain what it is and what it does?
Seol : Chaoreum is a group of student honorary ambassadors and is related with the Development & Cooperation Center inside the campus. Ambassadors will be in charge for two semesters – the second semester and the first of the following year, with the main activity of educational donation for middle and high school students during the Career Experience Fair, providing information about their departments, major, and post-curriculum opportunities. Ambassadors will also participate in school events such as anniversary, entrance and graduation ceremony, and a visit of honored guests, as well as brochure models and campus tour guides.
Q : Do you have any memorable experiences to share with our readers?
Seol : We held a career experience day in association with the third graders of M High School in 2015. During the short break one of the students asked me about my department with great interest. After exchanging e-mails with each other, crossed path later in our department’s building – he entered our department! He might be interested in Electronic Engineering after all, but I felt like I helped him to choose his career. A memory that’s hard to forget!
Q : Thanks for your sharing. Are there any benefits from the school
for being a Chaoreum member?
Seol : Scholarship program per semester and financial benefits are available for the members, as well as priority for university dormitory application. Another notable benefit of Chaoreum is having a chance to broaden connections with students from other departments, which is normally difficult considering I’m in the engineering department. Lastly, involvement in Chaoreum helped me to improve my presentation skills by performing in front of up to 200 students.
Q : Any difficulties of running activities while
Seol : There’re a few – the importance of time management is crucial when activities are arranged during the test period, although thankfully the assigned professor takes care of rearrangements. External activities such as part-time jobs during weekdays might be acceptable during the elected period.
Q : Hearing your story really makes me to consider applying to Chaoreum. Please tell us about the new recruitment for 7th Chaoreum members.

Seol: All the applicants should be able to perform through two consecutive semesters from the second semester of application year. Pride and college spirit are also important. While the knowledge towards university and presentation skills are also crucial, it is safe to say you can acquire those during the activities. My opinion for the most important feature would be college spirit.
Q: You surely sound proud of Chaoreum
. Any regrets?
Seul: I couldn't
be more proud! Although the insufficiency of study time sometimes makes me feel a little bit pressured, it is surely a redeeming experience with all the mesmerizing connections throughout this activity.
Q: Any last words for the students?
Seul: As a senior I’d like to say this: don’t be a runaway from your study. Be proud to be a student. It was an immense work for me to get accustomed to school again after my military service since I was a runaway in my first year. Don’t be an introvert and take opportunities for external activities. Voluntary experience and expedition outside Korea, group activities, anything. Immersing yourself in new experiences will not just end up filling the blank on your resume – It’s about broadening your notions and your world.

By Hun Lee, cub-reporter

Hun Lee, cub-reporter  pjh327s@naver.com

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