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  • Ji-Won Yoo, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2016.05.18 13:11
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Red Bucket is a discount world confectioneries chain store which has influenced a trend. Aren’t you curious about the man who owns the Red Bucket in Jangyu which achieves the highest sales in Gyeongnam and is a student of CWNU? I had a fantastic opportunity to meet him.

Q : Hello, please shortly introduce yourself to the readers.

Yoo : Hello, my name is Yoo Ji-Hun, going on 24 years old and I'm in charge of Department of Law president. As you said before, I run a store called Red Bucket.

Q : It's very amazing that a university student is a CEO who works well. What prompted you to become CEO?

Yoo : In the physically hard, but mentally leisurely army, I considered seriously about a business which l have wanted to do since my younger years. After discharging from the military, l investigated closely about conducting market research through visiting many stores nationwide. I managed to prepare the minimum initial capital because of my parents who watched my process and saw me study very hard about the current trend and making a precise business plan, operation plan, and changed their minds after all to help. Thanks to this, I could open Red Bucket, which people like regardless of age or sex and keep pace with the rapid changes in the global age.

Q : What are your strengths and weaknesses as CEO?

Yoo : My advantage is creativity which makes me think original ideas that others don’t think of. And I'm good at applying useful things which I find when I look around my business. I utilize ways which large supermarkets’ experts use because I realized that certain ways of displaying products have an effect on sales. Also, based on leadership, which raised on the student council, I tried to treat employees and visitors softly. Thanks to that, I acquired regular customers and I could work in the bright atmosphere because members of the staff were friendly. My shortcoming is that I check on everything that designate to others. I don't even ignore trivial matters, so this point which is seen as a demerit has played a huge role in running business well.

Q : I think you were very anxious because you started a business at a young age. What have you done to operate the store well?

Yoo : First, I devoted myself to select a site which is in proximity to a school and a major business district. And l made my business's page on Facebook for advertisement and it attracted many students. I find products which are cheaper than other companies, then I bring the goods into my store. So, when comparing with other stores, I could get lots of snacks for a reasonable price. And in some cases, rack jobbers (manufacturers that display items in a store for shared profits with the store owner) deceive the unit price in an itemized account so I stayed up all night and studied very hard to be nobody's fool. Like this, I hold down a business and study hard and l only get two hours of sleep. Once, I investigated a problem because a rack jobber pretended that smuggled goods were legal imports. Although it's very backbreaking, I was fulfilled that I achieved sales from 80 million won to 120 million won.

Q : Do you have a mentor or role model from whom you ask advice when you have worries about your business?

Yoo : My father who works 365 days a year for 10 years is my mentor. I have learned his assiduous persona and tenacity.

Q : Do you want to take a job with the exception of business in the future?

Yoo : What I wanted to be was a police officer, running around and catching thieves or bullies, since I was young. I want to have a stable job and I realize that no matter what I do, I can accomplish anything if I work hard at doing business at a young age.

Q : I really enjoyed this interview. It's incredible that you took the challenge of a business which others hesitate to do at a young age. I look forward to police which is called civil staff like your current goal. I hope that you do your best as you used to do.

Ji-Won Yoo, cub-reporter  jwyoo03@naver.com

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