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Possible to catch two rabbits at a time

1st semester grade 4.42, 2nd semester grade 4.5. A student marketer of NC Dinos, Honorary Ambassador of Korea Scholarship Foundation, finished a course in teaching.

Can you believe if all these achievements happened in just a year!?

We had a short interview with this incredible student.

Q: Hello, please shortly introduce yourself to students.

A: Hello, my name is Heo Jaehee and now I’m taking an English and literature course.

Q: This is the first time I heard that a freshman gave a presentation in the presentation of learning!

Can you share with us about your presentation?

A: Sure. First, you must make your goal. Because you can process or start anything without your goals, it is easy to spoil. For example, my goal was to be in the top 2 students who can finish the course in teaching. To achieve this goal, I divided my work into monthly, weekly, and daily parts. I wrote my daily and weekly plans on A4 paper so that I can bring them everywhere. Also, during class time, I always make eye contact with the professor and attendance is the base of the grade!

Q: It seems that you got these grades without ease. I guess you had the time that you wanted to give up.

A: Certainly. When friends hung out, I wanted to stop studying and get together with them. However, I steeled the heart, focussed on the goal, and put it on the desk and pencil case. I also say some words to myself to concentrate.

Q: You look like you have a busy enough life. Do you even have the time to attend extracurricular activities?

A: Haha. I’d rather release stress by participating in them. I just thought that I’m going to meet new friends and the site that I would never learn on campus. It made me energetic and cheerful.

Q: What did you do as a student marketer of NC Dinos?

A: I took a role of ticketing. To be specific, I discussed how to sell tickets with the manager of marketing. Especially, I tried to attract attention of people by planning various events. I started a new activity, an Honorary Ambassador for Korea Scholarship Foundation. Sadly, despite numerous scholarship programs, students do not apply due to the lack of information. I want to introduce useful programs to the students.

Q: What is the most worthwhile event in 2015?

A: I think being 20 years old means a lot in life, so there are a host of students who waste a page of life by hanging out and drinking all the time. However, when they finish the year, they say, “What did I do with the most beautiful period in my life?”; I can confidently say, “My age 20 year was brighter than any other. I could also spend time with awesome activities and people with filling my life.” It’s not that a specific part made my 2015 satisfied. It’s that all the parts in 2015 made the whole year amazing.

This brave girl would overcome difficulties and make her own way. Thank you for accepting the interview!

Sujin Seo  msjwk9497@naver.com

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