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Meet MSE’s new Assistant Professor, Mathieu Terner
Mathieu Terner, Assistant Professor in Material Science and Engineering since March 2015

I had an interview with Mathieu Terner who is from Paris, France. He became an assistant professor in Material Science and Engineering in March 2015. Here is our interview.

Q. Tell us how you became a professor in CWNU.

Terner: I obtained my master’s degree in 2010 in Southern France in Process Engineering and Materials Science for Aerospace. As part of my master thesis, I did a 4-month internship at KIMS in Changwon, where I was working in particular with Prof. Hong H-U, now a professor at CWNU. I then moved to Turin, Italy for my Ph.D. in Materials Science and Technology, which I graduated in January 2014. Prof. Hong informed me at that time of the availability of a PostDoc position in MSE at Changwon University and I joined the department in September 2014. A few months later, a foreign professor position opened, which I applied for and was selected in February 2015, and here I am!

Q. When does it feel good to be a professor in CWNU?

Terner: There are many things I feel good about. First of all, I love being in the academic field. I enjoy teaching students. It is very satisfying to transmit your knowledge to the young generation, though I am still learning, myself every single day. I also appreciate working in the field of fundamental science. Being a professor at university not only consists of teaching, but also conducting research activities in partnership with industries, research centers, and academic institutions.

I am very happy with my work in CWNU as a professor and feel blessed with this opportunity I have. Plus, the CWNU campus is gorgeous! I am delighted to wake up every morning and come to work in this beautiful environment.

Q. What is the most difficult thing being a professor at CWNU?

Terner: I am a young, foreign professor. That pretty much sums it up. On the one hand, it is difficult to get started on my research activity and build a network. On the other hand, it is challenging to teach properly, so that the students understand. This is even more true since my class is entirely in English. As for any new activity one starts, there is a learning process.

Another complication I have is regarding communication. I don't speak Korean and, honestly, almost everything is in Korean here. Email, grants application, meetings... Though everyone is very patient and kind with me, it is difficult to know what is going on sometimes. Furthermore, Google Translate is very limited!

Q. What future prospects does Material Science and Engineering have?

Terner: Materials are everywhere and in everything. MSE is therefore fundamental in today's industrial world. Basically, the general idea is to make all things better, cheaper, safer and respectful to the environment. MSE plays an important role is achieving better efficiency, lower costs, customers' safety, reduction of harmful emissions, and much more. Materials are of primary importance in fields such as energy, automotive, aerospace, electronics, construction, transportation, etc. It's all about finding ways for making things better.

Q. Give a piece advice to the students in CWNU.

Terner: I would advise to be familiar with the concepts taught at university and really understand rather than only studying for exams. The vocabulary, in particular technical, is also very important. It is sometimes difficult to see the big picture and some concepts might feel useless, especially in the first years. Yet education is a long process and one must progress step by step. Trust your professors, we know how to get there and only have your success at stake!

As a foreigner, I must add that English skills are necessary nowadays. Companies are often globally spread and the markets worldwide. English is that one language chosen to make anyone on the planet understand another. Look at me, I am French!

Jeong Seung-in  -

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