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An amazing future developer in CWNU

CWNU students won the first prize with a “baby food analysis application” at the Korea Nutrition Society’s 20th anniversary contest exhibit. I met Kim Dae-ho (Dept. of Information & Communication Engineering), who also works as assistant coach at the Changwon City Smart Mobile App Support Center.

Q. How did you know about the contest exhibit, and why did you decide to participate?

Kim : First, Dept. of Food & Nutrition contacted me. Professor Lee Gyung-hye suggested to me to make a baby food analysis application for babies. They don’t know how to make an application, so we made a team for contest exhibit.

Q. What was your role in your team?

Kim : This contest exhibit was organized by Dept. of Food & Nutrition. Students of Dept. of Food & Nutrition analyzed data, investigated information, and storyboarded. I developed the program and also designed contents with Choi Yun-na (Dept. of Industrial design).

Q. Can you explain to us about the baby food analysis application?

Kim : First, I’ll tell you the difference between usual applications. Usual applications just show the sort of baby foods in time series. For example, it shows the early, middle and the end period’s sorts of baby foods. Most of applications are limited with that function. However, our application checks what kinds of food children ate, analyze the nutrition, and notify mothers which was the most eaten food, and which nutrition is scarce.

For example, this week, a child ate lots of calcium, and less vitamin C. The application signals the scarcity of vitamin C. It shows that in a graph, and checks synthetically. If a child ate less vitamin C, it recommends the baby food which is full of vitamin C.

You can also make a profile with your child’s age, blood type, name, and nick-name. Besides, through the free bulletin board, mothers can communicate with each other. We made a lot of effort to provide differentiated services with many aspects.

Q. Will this application be released legally?

Kim : This contest exhibit was an idea exhibit, so the application is now in development stage. I’m still developing the application, and this is completed about 70%. It is still lacking some things with analysis time. Because I am developing this by myself, it takes time. I will release this application at the start of next year.

Q. Weren’t there any difficulties?

Kim : While preparing, there was an overall mold, but it was difficult to make the mold concretely. The most important thing was a storyboard, so we concentrated on making that over about 2 months. Actually, if there is a mold, it doesn’t take a month to develop by myself. However, we had a meeting every week, and we could make the application earlyier than I thought.

Q. You won the first prize, how do you feel?

Kim : I did many team projects except this contest exhibit. In everything, I think the most important thing is teamwork. I want to thank our team members.

Q. Is there any advice to anyone who prepares for these kind of contest exhibits?

Kim : Winning the prize isn’t that important if you apply to a contest exhibit. I suggest you to do some fusion task, team project with 4 or 5 people, and a study group. If you do something by yourself, you can easily be in your own little world and the result will be bad. So, with these points, you can experience teamwork and you can develop yourself with comparing others’ ideas and thinking. Do many activities related to teamwork.

Oh Yu-ju  -

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