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Small and soft but a strong helping hand
  • Choi Hyeon-kyeong
  • 승인 2015.10.26 18:29
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During the festival, CWNU students had a great time celebrating, for the most part. However, a touching story was overshadowed by it. Students from Dept of Special Education made accessories and donated money from sales. I met No Yeong-Hye, the president of Dept of Special Education.

Q, Please tell the readers about Dept of Special Education.

No: Dept of Special Education is a place to develop teachers who teach disabled people who have difficulties receiving general education. We modify general education for them, taking into account each student’s various disabilities.

Q, How did you decide to operate the booth that sells accessories and to donate profits after the festival?

No: Two third graders in our department, Byeon Seong-Hye and Kwon Yun are dexterous in making thread rings and bracelets. They usually made and gave them to friends before the festival. Everyone said that the accessories are very pretty. So we planned to sell the accessories and donated proceeds during the festival.

Q, Why did you choose ‘Changwon-si Parents of Brain disabled people’ as a contribution place? I think there are other places where you can donate the profits in Changwon.

No: We didn’t choose that institution at first because it was our first time contributing a profit and we couldn’t guess how much money we could make. After gathering enough money, we talked with professors and made a decision. Our decision was donating the money to an institution which is in a poorer surrounding than the community center in Changwon or Gyeongsangnam-do.

This institution isn’t contained by Changwon-si Parents of Brain disabled people. It is independently operated by parents of disabled children and I heard it has operational problems. Therefore, we selected this place.

Q, Will you keep on doing such good work next year?

No: Yes, we realized the real meaning of sharing through this event. We would like to continue it as a good purpose next year because we experienced that someone can be helped by our efforts. And we will prepare more interesting and diverse programs, not forgetting the original purpose of the event’s experience being for an improved awareness of the disabled.

Choi Hyeon-kyeong  -

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