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Picking up from where we left off

In this article I did an interview with a student who came back to school after his service. This is my interview with Sim Jung-ho.

Q. Introduce yourself to CWNU readers.

Sim: My name is Sim Jung-ho and I recently came back to school after finishing my service in the military. I am studying Material Science and Engineering at CWNU.

Q. How did it feel to come back to school after your leave of absence for military service?

Shim: I went straight to the military after my first semester. After I was discharged from military service on August 18, I had only 2weeks to be ready for school. On the one hand I was very thrilled to go back, but on the other, I was keyed up because I felt I needed more time to prepare for myself.

Q. Do you think that you adapted well after returning to school

Shim: As I said, I only had 2weeks to prepare. Due to such a lack of time, my school life felt a little awkward in the beginning since my surrounding environment suddenly changed from a suppressed atmosphere to a much unconstrained one. For that reason, it only took me about a week to be fully adapted to my new circumstances.

Q. Do you think it is easy to get close to your department’s junior students like you did to your colleagues two years ago?

Shim: The juniors had class with each other last semester while it’s my first semester to study with them. Because they are getting along with each other so well, it’s quite difficult for me to approach them. But even though I try to act comfortable and be easy with them, I don’t think they will spontaneously come and reach me due to sense of distance.

Q. Did your attitude change after your service in the army? If it did, how and what changed?

Shim: In the army, we do our service with martial spirit until we complete our duty. On this account, we leave the army with an enthusiastic attitude which definitely affects our school life. Every student who applied absence of school has their own reasons to take a time off of school but, it is inevitable to be lagged behind by the amount of time your took off. Accordingly, we are left with no choice but to work hard and diligently to catch up what we have missed. Another reason is due to the competitive environment that we are put in which keeps on giving us the motives to endeavor with responsibility.

Q. What was the hardest thing you have confronted after your return to school?

Shim: After coming back to school I have two things to do and those things are studying and making new friends. I think that studying is up to oneself because results come out according to your investment but when it comes to making friends, it’s different from the military. Members in the same unit have affection with each other called ‘comradeship’ which makes it easier to build a relationship. However the sense of belonging in the university lacks fellowship compared to the military since people mostly leave the given place after a lecture. Consequently, I think there isn’t any other way but for me to keep on trying

Q. Give some advice to those freshmen who haven’t started their service in the army.

Shim: I hope you try and experience everything you can before your duty. If you have a couple of months left before joining the army, get a part time job and save money for a trip abroad. After joining the army, always do your work diligently and after your work is done, try to invest as much as time you have in self-development.

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