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Passion is the most suitable word for this girl

“My dream is to establish my own business with a groundbreaking item, so I’ll get a business registration before third year.” These are the words of the very ambitious Park Yoon Joo, a team leader of business startup club majoring in the first year of university. Let me introduce her strong business plan.

Q: Hello. Kindly introduce the trigger of starting a business foundation club.

Park: At first, I wanted to join a project club to develop a planning capacity. However, activities in this club were not active, so I decided to start a new club. When I saw the notice that LINC Corporation recruits new clubs, I did not hesitate to apply. Fortunately, the plan my team members and I made was chosen by the agency. The direct reason for making the foundation club was that it has less pressure because it is run during the semester and I thought it is very meaningful to develop diverse items before rushing into the business startup market. The experience in this club will be a great asset for the time when I really have to prepare for the business foundation.

Q: How did you gather team members?

Park: Since I am majoring in International Trade which is far from urban agriculture, I was at a loss to gather members. At first, I made a poster and posted it on the Facebook page of our school. The shortage of personnel in engineering was supplemented by putting up the poster in the computer engineering students’ chat room.

Q: I have seen the poster on the facebook page, too. Which item are you preparing for the business? I also want to know why you chose that item.

Park: I am planning to make an IOT (Internet of Things) program that you can raise plants and fish easily by adjusting the condition of the flowerpot and fishbowl with your phone. Last summer, I entered a contest exhibit called Hsad. The program was composed of picking a real company and planning a promotion. My team took charge of a start-up company, ‘Nthing’. This company presented a product, ‘Planty’, a smart flowerpot which can adjust the amount of sunshine and water. It is also equipped with humidity and temperature sensors to check its condition. While organizing a promotion for ‘Nthing’, I thought it’s a huge merit to do all these through the Internet, so I grafted this smart flowerpot onto the fishbowl. Fish excreta acts as the plant’s manure and you can feed the fish on your phone. Furthermore, you can raise them economically because you can check them systematically in real time and the manure and feed supply are written in the application. I think if this item is released in the market, modern people could feel closer to urban agriculture.

Q. It is novel to grate IOT onto the urban agriculture. However, there is already a business foundation club in school. What is the distinction between the two clubs?

Park: I think universities should play a role of maximizing individual’s professionalism before jumping into the world. Many startup foundation clubs often focus on the development of the items. However, I tried to make my team members with different professionalism concentrate on the most professional part. Naturally, work efficiency improved and I believe we will meet with good results soon.

Q: What’s next for you?

Park: The necessary articles were not yet delivered. After delivery, we will compensate the defect and get feedback from a manager of LINC Corporation. We will not stop participating in startup foundation contests being helped at the government level and foundation camp in school, so that we can manage basic skills for business foundation.

Seo Su-jin  -

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