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New leader, New progress and Potentiality
  • Choi Hyeon-kyeong
  • 승인 2015.08.31 17:14
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The new president of CWNU, Choi Hae-beom

The seventh CWNU president was elected. Therefore, we met with the new president, Choi Hae-beom, who will fight for CWNU’s development to know who he is.

Q. First, congratulations on your inauguration. How do you feel being the new president through the first indirect election system of national universities in Gyeongnam?

Choi: Professors, teaching staff, alumni and students voted in the election. So, I think assuming the presidency is very meaningful. I thought the environment and students of CWNU are outstanding when I looked at it as the president of Geochang Provincial College. I ran for the election to develop CWNU more, using those conditions. So, it turned out to be a good result.

Q. I anticipate a future of university administrations because you have lots of administrative experiences. Could you introduce to us how you will lead the school?

Choi: I would like to lead student-centered university administrations. Making students people who are helpful to a community is important. We can overcome the present university’s problems if we do this because the university is related with communities in every way. Anyway, I’d like to make our school to the central university in Gyeongnam.

Q. How would you get close to students?

Choi: I would like to have a talk with regular students periodically more than executives. Our students are second to none but their family background is not good. For those students, I cared for a scholarship for their regular academic performances. The scholarship will be increased a little.

Q. In these days, unemployment is a big issue not only for graduates but for other age groups. How can we get through these situations?

Choi: I want to make people aware that CWNU has a higher employment rate by enhancing employment rate to 70% within a year. There are many enterprises around our university and I think it can solve unemployment. Among 3000 enterprises, we will sign MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with 300 companies and one company can hire at least one person.

Q. Many students’ wish is an improvement of school cafeteria’s menu quality. How would you figure out this problem?

Choi: Students have told that lunch money is not expensive compared to other universities, but our school food quality is lower than others. I plan to resolve it within the school budget, not raising the cost. I’m going to use the school cafeteria, too.

Q. What do you think CWNU would be like after a four-year term?

Choi: I want to see its standing as a national university from a local university. I’ll try to foster the school for 4 years. Also, I like to see a growing school and will support it after my retirement.

Q. Please leave a message to the students.

Choi: Have a challenging spirit. Your dreams and hopes are endless. I believe it comes true as much as you set it and achieve it. However, you should increase your competitiveness and abilities at the same time because everything is made by efforts. If you can achieve it, I’m sure our students will go to the world.

Choi Hyeon-kyeong  hk7312003@naver.com

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